When the World Feels too Small

Even when you’re home alone, working on your own projects or catching up with housework, the world can feel too crowded. Most of the time you don’t think about the size of the world or the number of people in it. You consider your home your sanctuary. But even there the world creeps in – letters, phone calls, emails, cold callers, and random visitors. How often do you truly spend time completely alone and uninterrupted?

We live cramped up, trying to find a way to exist comfortably. Just a few more pennies in the savings account, just a couple more weeks till the holidays, just one more unnecessary purchase. You’re one voice in a sea of many. So, when the world feels too small, take a step back – stop shouting, stop searching, and just look, listen, and feel. Find somewhere quiet, outdoors, with tall trees and space, water and sky, and breathe. Just breathe. Let everything else drop away – the world is huge. And you can do anything. When you find a place of quiet your mind will work out how.

when the world feels too small



Former International Event Head Groom, Show Groom, BSc, MSc, & lifelong compulsive writer. (Likes horses, not bad at science & writes on napkins if that’s all that’s available.)

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