Crazy Decisions for NaNoWriMo & Missing The Start Date

If you like the crazy authors, congratulations, you’ve found one

I must be crazy right? I signed up a month ago after someone mentioned this crazy write a novel in a month competition. I didn’t realise then I’d have so much work on. I made a crazy offer near the end of October and I’m still working with the clients who signed up for that.

Plus I signed an Indie publishing deal under another pen name and currently have two books being edited/read through. I’m not sharing about those books on this blog, they have their own place. (Okay maybe one day, when they’re published, but only briefly.)

Why am I telling you at all…

I mean this isn’t an author website. And god it would get boring if it was just another ‘tell you what you should be doing’ in an ‘I’m not telling you what you should be doing I’m just suggesting a method that worked for me’ kinda way.


Sometimes that stuffs good, because you’re on a ‘search for answers’ kinda quest when you get here. Like:

  • How Do I Write An Awesome About Page
  • What Should I Do To Work With Customers Around the World Better
  • or Damn I Can’t Get That Crazy Song Outta My Head!

And sometimes I write that stuff (less ‘You should do this’ more ‘You might want to try this’).

So in a little bit of a break from the norm, every now and then through November I’m going to write a post (probably not too long) about my progress on #NaNoWriMo 

Yeah that’s right, I’m going to deliberately write about me – so sign up to keep up.

About The Book

No plan, no plot, no sense of direction

Because I forgot about it and didn’t make any plans or think of a title or anything. On Wednesday 5/11/14 I sent out a panicked tweet and the awesome @dorChi2 responded. After a bit of a chat (twittering?) I found my title: The Seat Of My Pants Method

Then I quickly jumped on facebook, explaining what I’d done and asked for plot ideas. It wasn’t long before the response came back:

2 sisters battle the zombie apocalypse armed only with sticky back plastic, old tights and their mascara, I’d read it lol –  my sister

So I went with it (I’ve never written about zombies before).



And a few hours later I’d brain dumped my first 2k. Had a meeting with a client, made some calls, wrote some copy, and worked on a blog.

By NaNoWriMo’s calculations I’ll be finished writing my novel in February. So I’m going to have to get myself in gear. I have a business to run, a novella to write, and less than 30 days to finish this novel! It’s gonna be hectic. It’s gonna be crazy. But with a bit of organisation (and a little less sleep) I might just be able to pull it off.

So lend me your support – and use your boots – to help keep me motivated.

Join fellow Pen-ticklers on our mission to boldly go where no sane person has gone before – Self-Publishing, Self-Employment, and Self-Satisfaction! 

(And stuff about writing and business and life – and there might be some cake.)

(Also – I just made that Pen-Ticklers thing up, you don’t have to be a pen tickler to get involved.)


Former International Event Head Groom, Show Groom, BSc, MSc, & lifelong compulsive writer. (Likes horses, not bad at science & writes on napkins if that’s all that’s available.)

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