I want to write a book, where’s the best place to start?

With your plan or story arc (depending on whether it’s fiction or non-fiction). Breaking it down like this lets you see just how much work is going to be involved & how to break it down into smaller chunks. For example if you were writing a non-fiction I would suggest writing out your sections & chapter headings first. You’ll be able to arrange them into a logical progression through the book. It will make discussing the book or creating your pitch much easier. It also won’t matter what order you write each section in – write the ones you feel most confident about first and you’ll feel like you’ve written loads before you get to the sections you know will take you a little longer.

How long does it take to write a book?

This will depend on the subject, the audience, and the books purpose. I often find it better to write the book first & then worry about whether it’s going to be a novel or a novella, eBook or guide. It will also depend on how many hours a day you can put into writing it & how fast you are at typing. But remember writing isn’t the only consideration when writing a book, you’ll also be doing things like research, marketing, & building your audience as you write.

How can Pentickle help me with writing my book?

Pentickle knows that most of the work will be done by you & that you want to give your readers a great experience that they’ll want to share. To help you do this you can download the free writerpreneur bundle which has some great tips in, answers some of the most commonly asked questions, and lets you know some of the things you probably shouldn’t do as a new writer. There’s more tips & tricks on the blog for various types of writing, and free downloads to further help you, including a eBook template. Beyond the free options Pentickle can also help you with editing – which is done with eBook readers in mind rather than for publishers (as you are self-publishing). Proofreading, beta reading, and copy for your book page and/or platform.

Do I need to put my eBook into eMobi or ePub?

If you are uploading to any of the on-line eBook retailers follow their instruction. Most only as that you submit a correctly formatted word doc or docx. They do the changes to eMobi & ePub themselves. Places like Smashwords will change your word document into all possible formats but you should download their free eBook – Smashwords Style Guide by Mark Coker- first to help you with formatting. It’s not identical to how Amazon want you to format but will help you understand why things are requested even when submitting to another website. If you are selling from your own site you may want to offer eMobi & ePub variations of your book, however the majority of eReaders support PDFs.

How will copy-writing benefit my book?

If your page is interesting and engaging it will produce a feeling of empathy within your reader. A well written page can encourage the reader to take the desired action. Whether that’s buying something, signing up, or sharing.

Why is it better to have someone else write it?

There’s no reason why you can’t write your own copy. Sometimes though it’s really hard to write in a way that’s entertaining and shows you as the awesome person or business you are. Perhaps you have limited time or simply don’t like writing, that’s when it can be a good idea to have someone else write it.

Why do I need an editor?

An editor does various things for your book, and there are a number of stages to editing that your book should go through, if you’re just starting out the majority of these stages can be done by you to save you money (and providing you can be reasonably objective about your own book). However a line edit (or copy edit) is best done by a third person. It is far easier for someone else to spot inconsistencies in your manuscript than it is for you to do yourself. The editor will help you improve the flow of the book, show you were you could lose readers, help bring out the best in your work. It can be a heart wrenching feeling when you get the edited manuscript back and look at all the notes the editor has made, but it is up to you which suggestions you accept or decline, and for the most part the editor will be suggesting things to help you give the reader the best experience of reading your book possible.

Why does it cost so much?

As much as I would love to offer editing services & copywriting for the first time self-publisher for free I would quickly go broke if I did. There are bootstrapping options if you contact Cathy at penticklewriter@gmail.com but you should always expect to pay a 20% non-refundable deposit upfront. You can have your first two chapters edited for free if you’re unsure of whether I’m the editor for you, but you must contact me to let me know you’d like to test the waters first.

Will you be offering more services in future?

we would like to offer the things that you want. If you have a suggestion for a service you would like to see, or something specific you’re looking for but can’t find, let us know and we will do our best to help you out or point you in the right direction. Just email us at penticklewriter@gmail.com with your question or suggestion. We love hearing from you.

I’m in a different country, does this matter?

No. Everything we write is in English but the location of the business is not a problem as most communication is done on-line. We can also look into having the finished work translated into your chosen language, however you will need to cover the cost of this service in addition to the cost of the work we have done for you. Alternatively you can have the translation done yourself if you prefer.

How do I choose a writer?

Read things they’ve written. Their website and blog are good places to start. Chances are they’re writing their own blogs. It helps to read work they’ve done for clients and you’ll either find examples on their site or need to request examples when you contact them. Check out their LinkedIn profile, twitter, Facebook and other platforms to see if they do ‘what they say they will do for you’ for themselves. Then pick the writer/company who you most feel a connection to. For example if you are a huge personality, who always like a laugh, and doesn’t mind saying it how it is, you don’t want a writer who is reserved and pulls their punches.

I have more questions, what do I do?

Simple, email penticklewriter@gmail.com if you can’t find the answer on the website or blog. If we feel your question is one everyone will want the answer to we will add it to the FAQ page. Alternatively to the right of the page click on the tab and leave a message.

Email me now at penticklewriter@gmail.com to discuss your project


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