There’s so much to do as we head into December!

The last thing you want to be thinking about are emails. But the blog post, email, social media feed, has become a roundabout – always leading us back to the same place.

And whilst some of you will be thinking that’s great -you want your readers/subscribers/customers to be seeing the same thing- spare a thought for those who follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and signed up to your email list (because you asked them to) who suddenly get bombarded with the same post/offer on all platforms, all at once.

Your email list is meant to be special – the insiders. So treat them that way. Put something a little extra in this Christmas – remind them why they’re on your list in the first place.

December, Christmas, email



Former International Event Head Groom, Show Groom, BSc, MSc, & lifelong compulsive writer. (Likes horses, not bad at science & writes on napkins if that’s all that’s available.)

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