Desy Melza

desy melza

No One is Coming to Save You 

I created the Desy Melza pen name to write Sci-Fi pulp fiction type books.

Desy is all about main characters who have to save themselves and be their own knights in shining armour.

But, because I don’t want it to be too easy on them, I pick main characters that, up until the beginning of the books, were living quite ordinary, comfortable lives.

And then dump them into chaos.

The books are often fast paced with a sprinkling of humour and a dash of action. A fast ride of fun & crazy decisions, that in a normal world you wouldn’t even have to make. (And if you did you’d probably ask a whole bunch of people for advice first.)

Sometimes there’s no one coming to save you – even in real life.

People are capable of so much more than they give themselves credit for. We’ve learnt to rely on those around us and the structure of society to keep us safe and comfortable. And as a result we surprise even ourselves when we have no choice but to act in our own defence.

You can keep going – you can save yourself – you are strong enough.

You can find Tuesday and Friday on Amazon

  • Error: Wrong Human – A party girl get’s mistakenly abducted by aliens and is convinced its a reality TV show, until they recruit her as their liaison with Earth. Coming Soon!

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desy melza

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