Cathy Hewitt

 Kicked out of ballet class for convincing all the other little girls to pretend they were on horses.


I believe we are all capable of being our own Knight in Shining Armour, whether that’s in business, relationships, or life.

Under the Desy Melza pen name I write pulp fiction with female leads; who I whisk out of their ordinary lives and dump into the unknown. And as a copywriter I take your ‘infused with you‘ copy and make it resonate louder.


writer, author, copywriter

Copywriter – Author – Writerpreneur

Former International Event Head Groom, Show Groom, Applied Science and Forensic Investigation graduate, Fire and Major Incident Response post graduate, lifelong compulsive writer. 

Translation: I like horses, I’m not bad at science and I’ll write on a napkin if it’s all that’s available.

Student of: John Carlton’s Kick Ass Copywriting Course, Noah Kagan’s Monthly1K, James Patterson’s MasterClass, & Aaron Sorkin’s MasterClass


“Oh Great Writing Warrior Oghma, Steady my Hand and Calm my Mind. Give me Strength to Forge a New Work, Courage to Present it to the World, and Belief that I might have Influence. Blessed Be.”

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